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Each Explorer token can be converted 1:1 ratio to Land NFTs in Q1 2022.
Limited quantities available. Unsold tokens will be burned.

Discover. Explore. Collect.



ForeverLands Land NFTs

ForeverLands is a collectible strategy game where you take the role of an explorer discovering new lands and looking for hidden treasures. The collection includes a maximum of 65536 obtainable Land NFTs and numerous surprises to be discovered along the way. The only way to obtain Land NFTs is by burning Explorer tokens.

Rarity is not set in stone. The project is split into several stages which will take place over a period between 6 months and up to a year. Along the way, you will need to make decisions and perform actions that will affect the value of your tokens and your participation in various rewards. For more information, please see the roadmap.

50% of the total value of the sale will go back towards acquiring world's top 1/1 crypto art made by the most prominent artists in the space.

This crypto art will later be fractionalized and will be airdropped to the Land NFT holders based on resources within each Land NFT, the level of exploration and other factors.


Prize vault will be split into 8 parts at the end of the year. To get a reward from each pool, you must own a Land NFT with the corresponding resource.

ForeverLands Logo

Explorer Vault

Vault curated by ForeverLands Team
Eligible via "Unexplored Resources" property on Land NFTs

Extra Loot

FlareFinance Logo

Flare Finance Vault

Curated by Flare Finance
Eligible via "Magnesium" property on Land NFTs

Extra Loot

7 NFTs by RengokuLegends Logo

Kolectiv Vault

Curated by
Eligible via "Kolectivium" property on Land NFTs

Extra Loot

Rarible Logo

Rarible Vault

Curated by Rarible
Eligible via "Rare Earth" property on Land NFTs

Extra Loot

SuperRare Logo

SuperRare Vault

Curated by SuperRare
Eligible via "Monolithium" property on Land NFTs

Extra Loot

1 NFTs by Project Anomaly
Sloika Logo

Sloika Vault

Curated by Sloika
Eligible via "Photonium" property on Land NFTs

Extra Loot


To be revealed!

Curator reveal soon!

To be revealed!

Curator reveal soon!


Monoliths are artifacts hidden inside Land NFTs which can be unlocked using The Shard. Unlocking the Monolith removes it from your Land and places it in your wallet as an NFT token. You can then trade your Monolith on the open market or exchange it for special high value NFTs made by our partners (this action burns your Monolith). Exchanging a monolith has a chance to grant you multiple high value NFTs.

Redeemable NFTs Remaining7See complete NFT list


Explorer Token

ForeverLands Explorer Token


  • Main game token used for taking actions
  • Can be converted to Land NFTs in ACT III at 1:1 ratio
  • Can be used to explore Land NFTs for resources in ACT IV (revealing up to 3 per time)
  • Token is burned on use
  • Transfers of Explorer tokens will be locked until the end of public sale
  • Sales on secondary markets will have a 5% royalty paid to ForeverLands
  • Contract address

Land Token

ForeverLands Explorer Token


  • Main collectible token
  • Can only be created during the 15 day period in ACT III by burning Explorer tokens
  • Each one has unique properties and look
  • Each land can be explored up to 7 times using Explorer tokens in ACT IV
  • Can contain from 2 to 7 different resources
  • Can contain hidden Monoliths which are unlocked using The Shard

Founder Token

ForeverLands Explorer Token


  • Grants access to #founder channel and a special Founder's role
  • Grants a free token airdrop of 8 Explorer after the main sale
  • Can be rented out to prospect Land NFTs (reveal total resource count)
  • Further functionality to be revealed later

The Shard Token

ForeverLands Explorer Token


  • Grants a free token airdrop of 24 Explorer after the main sale
  • Acts as a key to unlock concepts, places, things, mechanics
  • Can be rented out to unlock Monoliths hidden inside Land NFTs


  • Each NFT Land has "Unexplored Resources" property, which indicates how rich a land piece is
  • Exploring a Land NFT reduces the "Unexplored Resources" and reveals the specific resources and monoliths contained within
  • Each land can contain between 4 and 7 resources
  • Game reward pool will be split into 8 variable size parts.
  • 12.5% of the game reward pool will be split amongst the players which own Land With Unexplored Resources
  • The remaining 87.5% will be split by owners of Explored land based on Resources contained within
  • Each land NFT can be explored up to 7 times
  • Transfering the Land NFT to a different owner does not reset the amount of times it has been explored
  • You can only explore land you own
  • The exact distribution will be affected by Monoliths, Shards, and Founders - details of this gameplay will be revealed at a later date

How to play


1,447 Explorer tokens were sold during pre-sale event for 0.128 ETH each. Remaining tokens (up to 65,536) are available at the public sale event during ACT II which will last for 21 days, they will be priced at 0.16 ETH per token.

After the public sale is complete, any unsold tokens will be placed on the secondary market for 0.32 ETH per token. 25% of the proceeds from these sales will go towards buying artworks for the 9th reward vault which will be distributed to every user who participated in the pre-sale, public sale and airdrops proportionally to the tokens they received.

We retain the right to burn the remaining tokens at any time or to increase their sales price.


    Project introduction.
    Exclusive pre-sale event for Flare Finance Delorian NFT holders.
    Some Explorer tokens are distributed.
    More details are revealed.
    Main sale event.
    All Explorer tokens are distributed.
    Some Explorer tokens are converted to Land NFTs.
    Players have 15 days to decide to convert or not.
    Explorer tokens are used to make discoveries in Land NFTs.
    A part of the reward mechanism is revealed.
    First part of the rewards is distributed.
    A new reward mechanism is introduced which modifies the value structure of Land NFTs.
    Final rewards are distributed.
    Some Land NFTs are burned to acquire █████ token.
    Additional utility is unlocked for Land NFTs.
    █████ █████████ ███
What will you find, Explorer?