Frequently Asked Questions

What is ForeverLands in one sentence?

ForeverLands, in its initial form (PHASE ONE), is a curated gaming experience which allows anyone to invest in some of the best art on the blockchain in a fractionalized and highly accessible way.

In PHASE TWO, ForeverLands will create an ERC20 token based ecosystem focussed on NFTs and distribute a large part of these tokens through the game via Skyfall feature.

No. ForeverLands is a collectible blockchain game played in the browser. All you need to have to play is an up-to-date browser with Metamask extension, Explorer tokens and some ETH for making blockchain transactions.

You can win a fractional part of the 8 prize vaults. To get a reward from each vault, you must own a Land NFT with the corresponding resource. "Unexplored Resources" grants you a share of the first vault, while exploring land unveils 7 types of resources which grants you fractional ownership of the remaining vaults. Finally, the contents of each vault will be locked in a smart contract, fractionalized and distributed to the players as ERC20 tokens.

In PHASE TWO, you can continuously earn Skyfall ERC20 tokens as passive income.

Each of our 8 vaults is named after a partner company. Our partners are free to add additional NFTs which increase the value of their vaults and to tilt the game dynamics in the favor of players who own a piece of their vault. At the end of PHASE ONE, partners will select the tokens which go into their vault in draft style event from the main game vault.

Main game vault is curated by Artifact

Monoliths are hidden artifacts inside Land NFTs which can be unlocked using another token - The Shard. Unlocking the Monolith removes it from your Land and places it in your wallet as an NFT token. You can then trade your Monolith on the open market or exchange it for special high value NFTs made by us, our partners or collected artists (this action burns your Monolith). Exchanging a monolith has a chance to grant you multiple high value NFTs.

Everything starts from owning some Explorer tokens - even one is enough, but we recommend 8 or more. Purchase explore tokens here

Head over to our Discord channel and our wonderful community will assist you!



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